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Our main valuable asset and the main competitive advantage are our company’s employees. We are actively developing our personnel using advanced training methods to form a strong and cohesive team of like-minded people.
A benevolent atmosphere and favorable working conditions allow our employees to fully realize their professional potential.
We also develop and implement various organizational measures that allow us to increase the level of loyalty of personnel to our company.
The specificity of SLAVENA is that we appreciate every employee, regardless of his position and status, whose well-being is one of our key tasks for us.

Our company:


More than 16 years of successful operation, reliability and stability


Continuous development and expansion of business lines


We stand for:
- honesty
- integrity
- openness


Continuous growth in sales and production

Frequently asked Questions:

1. SLAVENA claims that it supports the professional growth of employees. What does it mean to “support professional growth”?

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SLAVENA creates conditions in two directions: to improve the qualifications of each employee and to ensure his own career growth. For advance qualification purposes, we organize trainings for our employees in the workplace, courses and trainings outside to upgrade their skills and acquiring new skills. After finishing the training, it is possible to claim a career position. Vacancies are formed often, since SLAVENA opens new capacities and divisions, and hence – new jobs.

2. Does SLAVENA guarantee social protection to its employees?

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Our company is one of the largest enterprises in Moldova. We provide hundreds of people with constant stable work. Needless to say, employment in SLAVENA is exclusively official, with the provision of a full list of social benefits – paid annual leave and temporary disability sheets.

3. What is the reason for the emergence of vacancies?

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This issue often worries future employees, as they are concerned about whether the previous employee has quit due to difficult working conditions or low wages. However, SLAVENA has established high salaries and regular incentives, a very serious attitude to the issues of labor protection and a favorable climate in the team. So the response of the HR managers of SLAVENA is usually one of two:
● We are opening a new branch, manufacturing, MEGAMARKET, or expanding existing facilities, which needed new employees, since SLAVENA is a fast-growing, developing food industry leader with stable market positions;
● the previous employee is promoted, as SLAVENA has all the conditions for professional development and career growth, and you have the same career perspectives.
Each new employee of SLAVENA has the opportunity to occupy a higher position, to earn for a comfortable life and become a part of a professional, benevolent and respected community – the SLAVENA team!

Our Jobs:

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